Rapid7 InsightVM Cloud

Rapid7 Insight VM Cloud

  1. Log in to InsightVM Console:
  • Access the InsightVM Cloud platform home using your administrator credentials.

  1. Navigate to API Keys Management:
  • Look for the user keys section.

  1. Generate New API Key:
  • On the top right corner, click "Generate New User Key".

  1. Choose Relevant Organization and Set a Name for the Key:
  • Select the appropriate organization for which you want to generate the API key.
  • Click "Submit" to generate the API key.

  1. Copy Key Details:
  • Once the API key is generated, copy the key details securely for later use

Opus Security

  1. Navigate to Opus Integration Page:
    Access the Opus integration page where you want to set up the integration with Rapid7 InsightVM Cloud.

  2. Provide a Meaningful Name for the Connection:

    • Give the connection a name that helps you easily identify it, such as "Rapid7 Insight VM Cloud".
  3. onfigure Integration Settings:

    • Paste the Rapid7 Insight VM Cloud API base URL: Use the format https://{region-code}.api.insight.rapid7.com.
    • Paste the API key created in the previous steps.
    • the API key Created in the previous steps.
    • Add your Insight VM console URL (Local Server): This URL will be used to add Rapid7 links to each finding.

  1. Verify Connectivity:
  • Click on the option to verify connectivity. This will test the provided credentials to ensure they are valid and can establish a connection with the Rapid7 Insight VM Cloud API.

  1. Establish Connection:
    • If the verification is successful, proceed to establish the connection by clicking on the "Connect" button
  2. Enable Polling:
  • Once the connection is established, enable polling for the connection instance.
    Specify the desired polling interval, which determines how frequently Opus will fetch data from Rapid7 Insight VM Cloud.