This guide walks you through setting up a GitHub integration within opus.

Integrating with code repositories allows Opus to scan them and propose relevant cloud-to-code fixes in your cloud applications.

  1. To configure the GitHub integration, we'll use oAuth authorization to let you grant access to specific projects in GitHub.

  2. Next, In the Opus platform, go into the integrations view and click Source control to easily locate the GitHub integration
    Find the GitHub Integration and click on it

  3. if it's your first integration with GitHub you'll directly be asked to enter a logical name for your integration:

  4. otherwise you click add connection, and follow step 4.

  5. after choosing a logical name and clicking "Authorize", a pop-up scree will open (make-sure you enable pop-ups from Opus) and will ask you to authorize the projects of your choice.

  6. next re-open the connection you've just created and select the repositories of your choice which you'd like to add to Opus.

  7. you could also select all of them, which will also enable "Auto-Add" for new repositories created under the authorized projects


Please note that when attempting to delete a workspace, it should be dissociated from the BU it's related to first