Azure DevOps Configuration

Opus requires an Api Token in order to conect with Azure DevOps. In order to create an API Token

  1. Login to the platform and Select "Personal Access Token" from the "User Settings" menu

  2. Choose "New Token"

  3. Select a name (ie. opus-access-key) and a desired expiration time (Following Expiration, a new access key will need to be configured in Opus again)

  4. In Scopes, Make sure that the following priliviges are provided:

    1. Work Items - Read & Write
    2. Graph - Read
    3. Code - read - Optional if you'd like to use the same token for ADO ticketing as well as code repositories
  5. Click create and copy the key that was created

Now, back in the Opus Platform, add ticketing and then Azure DevOps from the list and click add connection.

  1. In the configuration dialog, type your email address user in Azure DevOps, The API Token created in the previous step and your Azure DevOps organization.

    The Email address/User provided should be associated with the API Token

  1. Test your connection and Save the integration.


Well Done!