Microsoft Teams

This page describes the steps you need to take in order to upload the Opus app to teams and configure MS teams integration on the Opus side

  1. Open team and choose “Apps”, and search for “Opus Security”

  2. Choose “Add to a team” and choose your desired team to interact with the bot

  3. On. The “General” channel of the selected team you’ll get a welcome message containing info you’ll need in order to create the connection in Opus platform.

  4. On opus platform go to integrations --> Messaging and select “Microsoft Teams”

  5. choose a name and associate the integrations with the desired scope. In case you didn't create any scopes please select the default scope. (keep the default connection checkbox selected)

  6. Fill in the details from the previous step and click Test Connection

  7. to finish the setup click "Connect"


Well Done!