By following these steps, you should be able to integrate Okta Workforce with Opus using an API Key.

To enable the integration using an API Key

  1. Create Token in Okta:
    • Navigate to Security -> API -> Tokens in your Okta account.
      • Create a new token.
  2. Access Opus Integration Page:
    • Go to the Identity Management section in Opus.
      • Click on the Okta Workforce logo.
  1. Provide Connection Details:
    • Give the connection a meaningful name.
      • Add your Okta Workforce API Base URL.
  2. Copy API Key:
    • Paste the API key generated in the first step.
      • Ensure it has a SSWS prefix.
  1. Verify Connection:
    • Proceed to verify the connection to ensure it's set up correctly
  1. Connect:
    • Once verified, click on the "Connect" button to establish the integration.