GCP Cloud subscription

  1. Go to Integrations --> Cloud providers --> GCP:

  1. Click add account and provide a name for the GCP subscription: follow the instructions, by clicking the link and opening the GCP console with the cloud shell and copy and paste the command from the opus screen to the cloud shell:

  1. pasting the command:

  1. Then click the next link to create a service account giving it the following permissions: Viewer, Security reviewer and Storage object viewer.

  1. click create and continue:
  2. add the roles mentioned above (Viewer, Security reviewer and Storage object viewer):

  1. then click continue and done.
  2. In the service accounts view click the name of the service you've created:

  1. then go to the Keys tab and click add key of type JSON

  1. you should receive this message, and a JSON file should have been downloaded to your computer.

  1. copy and paste its entire content into the GCP subscription creation page in Opus, and click verify connectivity.

the screen should then look something like this:


click connect & you're done